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Select Your Abit Model . SC-1P Motherboard · SD Motherboard · SE6 Motherboard · SG Motherboard · SG Motherboard · SG Motherboard. Abit KU8, Abit KV, Abit KV, Abit KV, Abit KV7, Abit KV7-V, Abit KV8, Abit Abit RocketBoy AV8, Abit RocketBoy AVrd Eye, Abit SC-1P, Abit SG, Abit Abit SG, Abit SV-1A, Abit UL8, Abit VA, Abit VI7, Abit VT7, Abit WI-1P. ABIT selected by Intel and ATi to introduce PCI-Express to their Top ABIT launches cost effective entry server board for full range services(SC-1P).

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Abit SC-1P Driver

Photoelectron spectroscopy Video transcript - [Voiceover] We've already Abit SC-1P at the electron configurations for potassium and for calcium but let's do it again really quickly because it's going to affect how we think about the d orbitals and so we find potassium which is in the fourth period on the Abit SC-1P table.

If we do noble gas notation to save some Abit SC-1P, we work backwards and the first noble gas we hit is argon, so we write argon in brackets. We know argon has 18 electrons and potassium has 19 electrons.

Potassium has one more electron than argon and so we put that extra electron into a 4s orbital because Abit SC-1P potassium the 4s orbital is lower energy than the 3d orbitals here. We have increasing energy and that electron goes into a 4s orbital so the complete electron configuration using noble gas notation for potassium is argon in brackets 4s 1. Abit SC-1P

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For calcium I should say. All right, we have one more electron then potassium and so that electron's going to Abit SC-1P into the 4s orbital as well and so we pair our spins and we write the electron configuration for calcium as argon in brackets 4s 2. For the calcium two plus ion, so if you're thinking about Abit SC-1P an ion here, we're talking about the electron configurations for Abit SC-1P neutral atom meaning equal numbers of protons and electrons. With the atomic number of 20, 20 protons and 20 electrons.

If we lose two electrons, we have a net deposited two charge. We form the calcium to ion. The two electrons that we Abit SC-1P lose to form the calcium two plus ion are these. These two electrons right here in the 4s orbital. The electron configuration for calcium two plus would be the same as the electron configuration for the noble gas argon Abit SC-1P.

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All right, so for potassium, once we accounted for argon, we had one electron to think about. For Abit SC-1P, once we counted for argon we had two electrons to think about.

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If we go to the next element on the periodic table, that's scandium. That's one more electron and calcium.

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We have three electrons to worry about once we Abit SC-1P argon in here like that. This is where things get weird. Now we have to think about the d orbitals and once again things are very complicated Abit SC-1P you hit scandium because the energies change.

When you hit scandium even though these are very small energy differences, now the energy of the 4s orbital is actually higher Abit SC-1P the energy of the 3d orbitals. Abit SC-1P talking about once again increasing energy and so that's pretty weird. All right, so if you think about these three electrons, where are we gonna put them? Well your first guess, if you understand these energy differences might be, okay, well I'm Abit SC-1P follow Hund's rule.

I'm gonna put those electrons in the lowest energy level possible here and I'm going to not pair my spins and so I'm going to write my electron configuration like that for scandium.

Crucial 1GB PC3200 DDR 400MHz Desktop Memory CT12864Z40B

You might think it would be argon 3d 3 but that's not what we observed for the electron configuration for scandium. Actually Abit SC-1P of these electrons actually move up Abit SC-1P the higher energy orbital so two of those electrons move up to the 4s orbital here like that.

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The electron configuration turns out to be 4s 2, 3d 1. It's actually 4s 2, 3d 1 or if you prefer 3d 1, 4s 2 once again with argon in Abit SC-1P of it. Either one of these is acceptable. This is weird so like why did those electrons, why did those two electrons go to an orbital of higher energy? Abit SC-1P no simple explanation for this.

All right, so even though it might be higher in energy for those two electrons, it must not be higher energy overall for the entire Abit SC-1P atom. There are many other factors Abit SC-1P consider so things like increasing nuclear charge. The scandium has an extra proton compared to calcium and then there are once again many more factors and far too much to Abit SC-1P into in this video.

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Unfortunately there is no easy explanation for this but this is the observed electron configuration for scandium. How do we know this is true? How do we know that the 4s orbital is actually Abit SC-1P energy than the 3d orbitals?

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