Asus EAH6970 Drivers (2019)

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Asus EAH6970 Driver

Buy Asus AMD Radeon HD Series Graphics Cards with Dual-Fan Cooling Performance Video Card EAH DCII/2DI4S/2GD5: Graphics Cards. With the arrival of Cayman, let's see what ASUS have added to their HD to give it the edge. Today we are going to take a look at two video cards from ASUS' DirectCU II series: The ENGTX DirectCU II, and the EAH DirectCU II.

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Asus EAH6970 Driver

While these video cards come out of the box with their respective GPU clock rates slightly increased over NVIDIA's and AMD's respective reference design specifications, it would be somewhat misleading to refer to Asus EAH6970 as "overclocked.

The memory clock on both video cards is set to reference specifications: These video cards really are about the cooler, the support Asus EAH6970 VoltageTweak and high-end components to allow a Asus EAH6970 overclock potential. It also has a "MHz Overclock" graphic, which may be misleading, depending on the technical knowledge of the potential customer.

A less ambiguous description would be "10MHz Overclock", but perhaps that wouldn't look as impressive. There is also a graphic showing the cooling device, and another that says Asus EAH6970 Alloy Power", which somewhat cryptically describes some of the board's more advanced features.

The back of the box has more information about the video card. There is box containing Asus EAH6970 brief description of the "DirectCU II" cooling device, and another box that still fails to describe the high-end components that make this video card's PCB unique.

EAH DCII/2DI4S/2GD5 Graphics Cards ASUS Global

Asus EAH6970 shown is that this video card supports voltage tweaking for extended overclocking via ASUS' SmartDoctor software. Finally, there is a breakdown of the video card's ports and a features list in several different languages. The inner box is a satin black affair with ASUS logo and motto printed in Asus EAH6970 gold lettering. Inside Asus EAH6970 inner box is the software and manual pouch set into a large foam brick which houses the video card and included adaptors.

The video card itself is very large.

Asus EAH6970 Drivers for PC

The front face of it is dominated by a large black aluminum Asus EAH6970 with two large 10cm cooling fans, each emblazoned Asus EAH6970 a holographic ASUS logo sticker. The cooling device is three slots tall, which means this video card will occupy three PCI brackets in your computer chassis, even though it only requires the use of one x16 PCI-Express slot on your motherboard.

ASUS EAH6970 DCII/2DI4S/2GD5 graphics card - Radeon HD 6970 - 2 GB Series Specs

The cooler does not completely seal the video card. It seems to duct some air out of the ventilation holes on the PCI Asus EAH6970, but without a complete seal, some heat will escape the cooler into your computer case.

Gamers considering this video card will definitely need to ensure Asus EAH6970 their computer cases have adequate ventilation. The video card Asus EAH6970 two SLI bridge connectors and two 8-pin power supply connectors. The second 8-pin power connector is used to ensure that adequate power reaches the video card for maximum overclocking potential.

Asus EAH6970 Driver for Windows Download

It is oriented upside-down so that when Asus EAH6970 video card is installed into a traditional computer case, the text will be readable through a case window. The last photo here is provided to show our readers how large this video card really is.

Asus EAH6970 Driver (2019)

The plastic shroud actually extends over the PCB on the back side. Therefore, this video card is long, so make Asus EAH6970 you have plenty of space. It has the same large black cooler with two 10cm cooling fans blowing on two aluminum heat-sinks connected by 6 copper heat pipes. It also has two 8-pin Asus EAH6970 power supply connectors, again to ensure adequate power is available for overclocking.

On the top edge of this video card sits a very small switch. This Asus EAH6970 has a very important job.

VGA Bios Collection: Asus HD MB TechPowerUp

It changes one of the video Asus EAH6970 DVI ports from dual-link to single-link, and enables Eyefinity6. Anyway, have a peek at the block diagrams if at all interested. Alright, some more generic information to grasp.

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