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Asus 701SD/XP Eee PC Driver

Leaving XP: how we upgraded our Asus Eee netbook to Windows 7. By Dan After all, Windows 7 is supposed to run well on low-spec PCs. The Asus Eee PC is a netbook computer line from Asus, and a part of the Asus Eee product Asus announced two Eee PC models at Computex Taipei the and Asus released a version of the Eee PC with Microsoft Windows XP. This is basic internet machine that you would see sometimes known as a small laptop lol. Well, I was fixing for.

Asus 701SD/XP Eee PC Driver for PC

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Asus 701SD/XP Eee PC Driver

Although it is not without flaws small screen and bad touchpadASUS's Eee PC presents a most interesting product, available to anyone at this price point.

ASUS Eee PC SD - 7" - Celeron M - Win XP Home - MB RAM - 8 GB SSD Series Specs - CNET

I was buying a super mobile computer at an awesome price. It excels as a mobile web browsing and email platform, but it lacks sufficient storage and performance to really be a total notebook replacement.

Best suited for those on the go that need connectivity or as a learning system for kids. A fantastic toy for the technically minded, but of limited use for work.

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Ultra Portable sub-notebook Source: Laptop Logic Even though the price climbed from the original quotation oh so many months ago, the unit still leaves a sweet taste in my mouth. Being new to Linux, I Asus 701SD/XP Eee PC no idea what to expect, but I have come off pretty impressed. It's impressively easy - definitely shakes the fear of using computers for newer users or even children.

And with that stated, the unit has solid performance for its hardware. I do wish it had a larger display, better ways of implementing more permanent storage solutions, and had about an hour or more of battery life, but otherwise I can't complain too much.

For being a sub notebook, fulfilling everything a sub notebook this size should — and coming in HUNDREDS less than the competition, the cons listed above are perfectly acceptable. Misled by the low price, consumers could well believe quality for that kind of money is an unobtainable nirvana. The Eee PC defies all expectations, particularly for Asus 701SD/XP Eee PC device that's nominally aimed at children.

Asus 701SD/XP Eee PC Driver (2019)

We all know that the smaller the laptop, the more expensive it is. But the Eee costs less than any full-blown laptop we've ever seen, while weighing a mere g.

Drivers Update: Asus 701SD/XP Eee PC

For tapping out emails and working on documents and spreadsheets, the Eee PC is all but perfect. It measures just mm wide and mm deep, and weighs only 1.

The operating system is a custom Asus effort, built on the back of a Xandros Asus 701SD/XP Eee PC of Linux. Tom's Guide The Asus Eee is half the size of a This took a while to do and it came up a few times asking what to do with certain files.

Ongoing Some of these steps will need repeating from time to time to clear out anything that accumulates. However, in general your drive should stay well within the limit required by Windows to allow you to use it without any hassles and without that Asus 701SD/XP Eee PC warning about low disk space.

Asus 701SD/XP Eee PC Driver Download (2019)

After completing the above tasks and a few days of use my sons EeePC still has 1. Conclusion While Asus 701SD/XP Eee PC was done for a 4 GB EeePC, most of these tips will work fine for other machines with smaller hard drives or if you are simply trying to free up some space.

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All of the tips are done at your own risk. Follow Simon Royal on Twitter or send him an Email. Like what you have read?

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Well, in a word, Windows Asus 701SD/XP Eee PC works perfectly. Even before we'd installed the extra drivers it was buzzing along quite happily, but adding in the Wi-Fi and various other bits make our Eee feel like it was designed to run Windows 7. Ok, so we're using the H - one of the more powerful models - but we still expected Asus 701SD/XP Eee PC to struggle a little with Microsoft's new OS.

After all, each version of Windows is bigger than the last, right?

Well, in the case of Windows 7, that appears not to matter one jot - in many ways the Eee is more usable, more brilliant running the new OS than it is running the now Asus 701SD/XP Eee PC XP. And that's a very pleasant surprise.

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