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At the date of the treaty, the Red and Arkansas Rivers were in a general way known to be navigable in their lower reaches and not navigable in their upper reaches, but how far up the streams navigability extended was not known. Both were of great length, Page U. The words on which the Acme F297 relies evidently were to apply alike to both streams.

The international boundary was to run along Acme F297 southerly banks of both -- along that of the Red for about miles [ Footnote 4 ] east of the Acme F297 meridian and along that of the Arkansas from the same meridian to the source of that river in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Acme F297 attribute to the parties a purpose to impress this entire stretch of the Arkansas with a navigable character, regardless of the actual conditions, is, in our opinion, quite inadmissible.

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And so of the mile stretch of the Red. The entire article, examined in the light of the circumstances in which the treaty was negotiated, shows, as we Acme F297, that what really was intended in this regard was to provide and make sure that the right to navigate these rivers wherever along the boundary they were navigable in Acme F297 should be common to the respective Acme F297 of both nations. A legal inference of navigability is said to arise from the action of the surveying officers, who, when surveying the lands in that region, ran a meander line along the northerly bank and did not extend the township and section lines across the river.

But this has little significance.

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The same thing was done on the Platte and other large western Acme F297 known to be unnavigable. Besides, those officers were not clothed with power to settle questions of navigability. The river was known to be navigable from its mouth to near the eastern boundary of Oklahoma, and there had been, as will be seen presently, some light navigation above that boundary in the irregular times of temporary high water, so those who were about to construct the bridges at large expense deemed it prudent to secure the permission of Congress, and Congress merely took the perfectly safe course of qualifying its Acme F297 as indicated.

We find nothing in any of the matters relied on which takes the river in Oklahoma out of the settled rule in this country that navigability in fact is the test of navigability in law, and that whether a river is Acme F297 in fact is to be determined by inquiring whether it is used, or is susceptible of being used, in its natural and ordinary condition as a highway for commerce, over which trade and travel are or may be conducted in the customary modes Acme F297 trade and travel on water.

Acme F297 large part of it deals directly with the physical characteristics of the river, comes from informed sources, and is well in point.

A small part consists of statements found in early publications, and repeated in some later ones, to the effect that the river is navigable for great distances -- some of them exceeding its entire length. These statements originated Page U. Of course, they and their repetition must yield to the actual situation as learned in recent years.

With this explanatory comment, we turn to the facts which we think the evidence establishes when it is all duly considered. The river Acme F297 its source in the Staked Plains of Northwestern Texas, and from there until it gets well into Oklahoma is Acme F297 a region where the rainfall is light, is confined to a relatively short period Acme F297 each year, and quickly finds its way into the river.

Acme F297 Driver for Windows 7

Because of this, the river in the western half of the state does not have a continuous or dependable volume of water. It has a fall of 3 feet or more per mile and for long intervals the greater part of its extensive bed is dry sand interspersed Acme F297 irregular ribbons of shallow water and occasional deeper pools. Only for short intervals, when the rainfall Acme F297 running off, are the volume and depth of the water such that even very small boats could be operated therein.

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During these rises, Acme F297 water is swift and turbulent and in rare instances overflows the adjacent land. The rises usually last from 1 to 7 days and in the aggregate seldom cover as much as 40 days in a year. InCapt. From his report, [ Acme F297 9 ] fairly portraying the normal Page U.

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In the bends of the river, Acme F297 banks cave badly except Acme F297 the rocky and clayey bluffs occur. This caving causes a continual shifting of the riverbed, which moves from one side of the valley to the other.

In places, the channel is 1, feet wide, and has a depth of only about one-third of a foot. At other places, notably in the bends, it narrows down Acme F297 a width of 30 feet with an increased depth. Acme F297

There was not a single day during the field examination upon which it was not necessary to remove part of the load and drag the boat over sand bars from to 1, feet in length. On some days, this would occur very often. Acme F297 field work of examination was performed during the period from November 21 Acme F297 December 19,

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