ADLINK ACL-8112 Driver Windows 7

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ADLINK ACL-8112 Driver

Page 2 Trademarks NuDAQ, ACL are registered trademark of ADLINK Technology Inc.. Other product names mentioned herein are used for identification. prompt: Advantech PCL/ and ADlink ACL///; type: tristate; depends on: (none); defined in drivers/staging/comedi/Kconfig; found in. and for ADlink cards. * card: ACLDG, ACLHG, ACLPG, ACL, ACL * driver: acldg, aclhg, aclpg.

ADLINK ACL-8112 Drivers for Windows Download

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ADLINK ACL-8112 Driver

ACLDG by ADLINK Technology Inc. 1ACL82D

Some configuration instructions expect an additional ADLINK ACL-8112 in data[1]; others return a value in data[1]. The following configuration instructions are supported: Reads the status register value for the counter channel into data[1]. Sets the counter channel's clock source as specified in data[1] this is a hardware-specific value.

Not supported on PCE. For the other boards, valid clock sources are 0 to 7 as follows: Internal 10 MHz clock.

Internal 1 MHz clock. Internal kHz clock. Internal 10 kHz clock.

Internal 1 kHz clock. OUT n-1, the output of counter channel n-1 see note 1 below.

  • ADLINK ACL Series User Manual 94 pages
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This pin is shared by all three counter channels on the chip. Returns the counter channel's current clock source in data[1]. For internal clock sources, data[2] is set to the period in ns. Sets the counter channel's gate source as specified in data[2] this is ADLINK ACL-8112 hardware-specific value.


This interface allows to inspect the current status of each device. Almost all devices can be interfaced in PIO mode: Some ADLINK ACL-8112 also allow DMA: DMA is a feature of the bus, not of the operating system which has to support its processes to use the feature, of course.

ADLINK ACL-8112 Driver Windows XP

Policy vs. Device drivers are often written by application ADLINK ACL-8112, that have a particular application in mind. For example, one writes a driver for the parallel port, because one wants to use ADLINK ACL-8112 to generate pulses that drive a stepper motor.

ADLINK ACL-8112 This approach often leads to device drivers that depend too much on the application, and are not general enough to be re-used for other applications. One golden rule for the device driver writer is to separate mechanism and policy: The mechanism part of the device interface is a faithful representation of the bare functionality of the device, independent of what part of the functionality an application will use. Once a device driver offers a software interface to the mechanism of the device, an application writer can use this mechanism interface to use the ADLINK ACL-8112 in one particular fashion.


ADLINK ACL-8112 Driver for Windows 7

That is, some of the data stuctures offered by the mechanism are interpreted in specific physical units, or some of ADLINK ACL-8112 are taken together because this composition is relevant for the application. For example, a analog output card can be used to generate voltages that are the inputs for the electronic drivers ADLINK ACL-8112 the motors of a robot; these voltages can be interpreted as setpoints for the desired velocity of these motors, and six of them are taken together to steer one particular robot with six-degrees of freedom.

Some ADLINK ACL-8112 the other outputs of the same physical device can be used by another application program, for example to generate a sine wave that drives a vibration shaker. Overview of Comedi.

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