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3Dconnexion Euclid 3 Driver

By 3Dconnexion Supports SGI (w/IRIX or later) SUN, DEC, IBM, HP, Netpower and Windows NT; 3 year warranty Matra Datavision's Euclid3 SDRC's. 3Dconnexion: Space Mouse Wireless Kit . Eventually we talk about Euclid the Grandfather of Geometry. CADnoob Podcast #3 - Landscape Architecture. University Unprofessional Engineering #OperationBrickman 3DCONNEXION Eventually we talk about Euclid the Grandfather of Geometry. CleanCADnoob Podcast #3 - Landscape Architecture, CADnoob Podcast # 3, 24/10/

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3Dconnexion Euclid 3 Driver

You see that it can contain any type of data. Lists are very useful because you can group variables together.

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You can then do all kinds of things within that group, for example counting them:. You see that while the len command returns the total number of items in a list, 3Dconnexion Euclid 3 "position" in the list begins with 0. The first item in a list is always at position 0, so in our myOtherList, "Bob" will be at position 2. We can do much more with lists, you can read heresuch as sorting contents, removing or adding elements.

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A funny and interesting thing: Try 3Dconnexion Euclid 3 this:. Usually, what you can do with lists can also be done with strings. In fact both lists and strings are sequences. 3Dconnexion Euclid 3 strings, ints, floats and lists, there are more built-in data types, such as dictionariesor you can even create your own data types with classes.

One big cool use of lists is also browsing through them and do something with each item.

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For example 3Dconnexion Euclid 3 at this:. We iterated programming jargon through our list with the "for Note the special syntax: In the interpreter, immediately after you enter the command line ending with: How will Python know how many of the next lines will be to be executed inside the for For that, Python uses indentation.

That is, your next lines won't begin immediately. You will begin them 3Dconnexion Euclid 3 a blank space, or several blank spaces, or a tab, or several tabs.

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Other programming languages use other methods, like putting everything inside parenthesis, etc. As long as you write your next lines with the same indentation, they will be considered part of the for-in block. 3Dconnexion Euclid 3 you begin one line with 2 spaces and the next one with 4, there will be an error.

When you finished, just write another line without indentation, or simply press Enter to come back from the for-in block. Indentation is cool because it aids in program readability. If you use large indentations for example use tabs instead of spaces because it's largerwhen you write a big program you'll have a clear view of what is executed inside what. We'll see that commands 3Dconnexion Euclid 3 than for-in, can have indented blocks of code too.

For-in commands can be used for many things that must be done more than once. It can, for example, be combined with 3Dconnexion Euclid 3 range command:. If you have been running the code examples in an interpreter by Copying and Pasting, you will find the previous block of text will throw an error.

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Instead, copy to the end of the indented block, i. Here the square brackets denote an optional parameter. However all are expected to be integers. Below we will force 3Dconnexion Euclid 3 range parameters to be an integer using int. 3Dconnexion Euclid 3 see that the range command also has that strange particularity that it begins with 0 if you don't specify the starting number and that its last number will be one less than the ending number you specify.

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That is, of course, so it works well with other Python commands. Another interesting use of indented blocks is 3Dconnexion Euclid 3 the if command. If executes a code block only if a certain condition is met, for example:.

There are few standard Python commands. In the current version of Python, there are about 30, and we already know several of them. But imagine if we could invent our own commands? Well, we can, and 3Dconnexion Euclid 3 extremely easy. In fact, most the additional modules that you can plug into your Python installation do just that, they add commands that you can use.

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