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Tests using two commercial PLC to Ethernet Bridge adapters - Allnet ALL These devices are able to communicate over low voltage residential network at. ALLNET Produkt Workshop Jörg Wagenlehner. Allnet Powerline-Geräte (kompatibel zu HomePlug-Standard). ALL 14 Mbit. Powerline-Bridge. For binaries that you receive from ALLNET GmbH Computersysteme on physical media or within the download of the offered firmware that are licensed under.

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ALLNET ALL1682 Driver

The performances of PLC transmissions are affected by many factors, such ALLNET ALL1682 electric network topology, consumer distribution and the nature of the consumers.

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ALLNET ALL1682 this article we make an in-depth analysis of the problems related to data communications using the low voltage residential power lines and present a series of performance measurements made in real filed topologies using commercial equipments. The deregulation of the energy ALLNET ALL1682 forced the power utilities to explore new markets to find business opportunities.

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The research has initially ALLNET ALL1682 focused on providing services related to power distribution such as load control, meter reading, tariff control, real-time billing, remote control and smart home appliances. These services would open up new markets for the power utilities. The moderate demands ALLNET ALL1682 terms of data volume per time unit of these applications make it easier to obtain reliable communication. Firstly, the information bit rate is low; secondly, they do not require real-time performance.

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On the contrary to power related applications, computer network communications require high bit rates and, in many cases, real-time responses are mandatory such as video on demand and pay-TV. During the last decade ALLNET ALL1682 use of Internet has increased and also the timing restrictions of web applications. This complicates the design of the communication system but has been the focus of many researchers during the last years.

If it would be possible to supply ALLNET ALL1682 kind of network communication over the low voltage power-line, the utilities could also become communication providers, on a rapidly developing market.

Systems under trial exist today under tests in many ALLNET ALL1682 and claim a bit rate of more than 40 Mbps, ALLNET ALL1682 most commercially available systems use a low bit rates, about kbps, and provides low-speed demanding services such as automatic meter reading. Due to the lack of regulation in this field a standard in this field is not broadly accepted [1].

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A diagram showing today communication paths used by a large power distribution company is shown in Figure 1. Most ALLNET ALL1682 the links are over leased line and low speed PLC.

Communications links between the dispatcher and the medium voltage automation are only in part satisfied by an old radio low speed bps communication network. Leased lines in this field are not an alternative due to highly cost of the solution. Long distance high-speed ALLNET ALL1682 are assured by leased ALLNET ALL1682 links on 3.

There ALLNET ALL1682 no links and no information transfer between the dispatcher and the residential customers. Voice transmissions are assured by public ALLNET ALL1682 private phone companies via fixed or mobile terminals. Due to tariff policies, the long distance costs associated to voice call are much lower on mobile networks than on fixed ones. Applications like Automatic Meter Reading are assured by GSM modems integrated in a national network closed user group.

Again, the associated costs of this type of transmission are prohibitive.

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Fiber optic cables are to be installed on the high voltage transmission power network, ALLNET ALL1682 assure the communications needs for power system regulatory center, voice and data transmission for power stations. In this architecture the customer is not part of the project [1,2]. Power distribution network topology from producers to end users and the associated data transmission network, without low-voltage PLC Despite the progresses in implementing power line communications there are some difficulties associated to this type of transmission: Electric energy utilities providing PLC access to customers Power line communications have some advantages over other transmission medium: Implementing such a system, the electricity companies may assure to the end customers many services, like: Supplementary services are assured for the utility ALLNET ALL1682 too: Many utility companies where interested by this new technology, some of them ALLNET ALL1682 implemented test networks in - Table [1].

Important developments where made by semiconductor companies ALLNET ALL1682 all continents [3]. The most significant technical data of these networks that utilizes the PLC system to transmit ALLNET ALL1682 over power lines are presented in Table [2].

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